Drug Dog for Hire

Scott shares a story about his friend Kevin Drouin and his unique business partner Moxie, a company called “Tough Love Intervention"

The big inspiration for 3O'clock Coffee

Meet Scott and Allison, discover what inspired Scott to meet with successful entrepreneurs, and learn more about sharing ideas to help entrepreneurs think bigger. 

Future Podcasts for 3 O'clock Coffee

Future Podcast Topics For 3 O'clock Coffee:

1.) “Why 3 O'clock Coffee?”: Listen to how “3 O’clock Coffee” started and what it really means to me.  

2.) “The Garden of Eden”: My eye-opening experience the day after my first Strategic Coach workshop. 

3.) “Rocket Man”: The surgery that saved my life and why I’m now living like rocket fuel. 

4.) “Five Feet Under”: What I learned while stuck in five feet of snow at the summit of a mountain in New Hampshire.
5.) “Close Call in Mexico”: The time I almost drowning and what helped me survive. 

6.) “Fake News”: Why the local news reported that I died. 

7.) “The Golden Question”: The one question I ask every entrepreneur I meet and why.
8.) “Game On”: My life changing sales call with Sports Illustrated at the Time Inc. building in NYC.
9.) “White House Blues”: The challenges of working at the White House are not what you’d expect.
10.) “Lessons From The King of Pop”: Why meeting Michael Jackson gave me a new perspective on life.
11.) “Life is Good”: My conversations with John Jacobs, CEO and founder of the $100 million company “Life Is Good”, before and after he made it big.
12.) “4 Hours”: My meeting with Tim Ferriss in NYC in 2004.
13.) “50,000 Photos”: My biggest photography project to date...and I never snapped one photo.
14.) “Dan Sullivan”: My one-on-one meeting with Dan Sullivan, the founder and CEO of Strategic Coach, which gave me a new life project.
15.) “Help From The NYT”:The one article in The New York Times that helped my business.
16.) “Ray Bourque”: The time I meet NHL’s greatest player on my way to Strategic Coach.
17.) “Richie Tosti”: Working with motivational speaker Richie Tosti in 1992 and how he made me fall in love with a business mentor.
18.) “My Drones”: Why I was crazy enough to buy two $35,000 drones.
19.) “Free Time”: What does "free" time mean for me.
20.) “Sorry Mr. President”: Why I said no to working with Air Force One.
21.) “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”: The day I met Santa Claus. 

22.) “Stand Up”: How I saved someone's life by tell them to “stand up”.
23.) “Robin Williams”: My unforgetable conversations with Robin Williams.
24.) “Miley”: What Miley Cyrus said to me in 2002 that I didn't believe. 

25.) “My Vision of Sex and the City”: My experience working with HBO and Sarah Jessica Parker.
26.) “Boston Celtics”: How I landed a deal with the NBA.
27.) “A Big Deal”: Why National Geographic called me.
28.) “Lake Time”: Why my biggest sales call happened in the middle of a lake in New Hampshire.
29.) “Hundreds of Santa Photos”: My work with Guinness World Record on the most Santa photos in one day.
30.) “National Geographic CEO”: What the CEO of National Geographic did that changed my life.
31.) “Was I Just Googled?”:  The day Google called me and I asked them if they googled me. 

32.) “The 50-Day Rule”: Why I try to work only 50 days a year.

Learn more about Strategic Coach and how it helped Scott today.

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