Scott Proposki

Scott focuses almost all of his time and energy on building relationships and networking. Scott has developed enough business contacts and acumen to create his own photography businesses. 

In 2000, at the age of 30, Scott launched Photos In A Minute ( and Headshots In A Minute (, two distinct professional photography services created with the same basic principle: to offer innovative and convenient event marketing photography to corporate companies across North America. The combined businesses have generated over $6 million in sales.  

One of the company’s first big projects was providing photography services at the “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” movie premiere in New York City. The big draw was using cutting-edge Green Screen photography and printing photos in less than a minute! Everything went smoothly for Scott that night and his business has continued to grow and thrive in the years since. 

Scott has developed his company into a global entity and now works with HP,  the New England Patriots, HBO, and The White House, just to name a few of his major clients. 

Scott regularly travels for his work, allowing him to see and explore numerous cities in the United States and abroad. The successful creation and launch of his own business fueled Scott to accomplish things that previously seemed unimaginable. Using his photography platform as a business model, Scott has continued to explore, to learn, and to pursue his passions with his unique ability of finding the right niche markets at the right time.

Scott advises people to understand that the path to education never ends and that they can learn something new during every second of every day.  Scott is involved with The Strategic Coach Signature Program and has a weekly podcast called 3 o'clock Coffee. Check out his podcast at 

Our Business

Our team firmly believes that a unique brand begins with your professional image. We strive to help our clients make lasting impressions with an unforgettable photo which makes them stand apart from other companies at corporate events. For any additional information about our services, please visit our websites, Photos In A Minute or Headshots In A Minute, or contact us directly by phone (617) 500-1978

Allison Tamblyn

Allison Sales Consultant Strategic Coach

Allison is a Sales Entrepreneur with Strategic Coach. She aspires to make connection and authentic relationships with all of her clients. She is always looking for new and creative opportunities to use her Unique Abilities. Her goal is to connect and empower her clients to achieve 10x abundance.   

She has over 10years of experience in acting for film and television and has a degree in Social Development Studies from the University of Waterloo.  

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Favorite Quote

“Always make your future bigger than your past”- Dan Sullivan

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